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Assistance to Mauritians in Distress Abroad


  1. The person in distress or the person filling in this form on behalf of the person in distress warrants that the information provided is true, complete and accurate
  2. The person in distress or his or her successor or representative hereby holds the State of Mauritius harmless for any consequence, unintended or otherwise, arising out of the information provided in this form not being true, complete or accurate.
  3. This is a request for assistance and in no way creates an "obligation de résultat" on the State of Mauritius. In other words, the State of Mauritius does not guarantee the outcome of actions taken in consequence of this request. Any assistance provided following this request is subject to any applicable law, norm or custom and may be subject to limitations including but not limited to legal, physical, material or financial constraints.

Note: Maximum information provided will enable your request to be processed in an expeditious manner.

Relevant Documents as Attachment